Peridot Necklace

⋆ Peridot
⋆ 15mm-20mm
⋆ 24K/18K/925
⋆ Gold

Bath chart

Genuine, all natural & untreated. Color, shade & shape will vary. ILLEGAL TENDR is not responsible for personal use of these crystals, moon energy, or outcomes of any kind. They are not intended as substitutes for legal, medical, or financial advice. Seek professional help when needed. With purchase, these terms are agreed on & ILLEGAL TENDR is released from all liability.

Upcoming Seasonal Energy
August 30 2019 Virgo New Moon 🌑
September 6 2019 Sagittarius First Quarter Moon 🌓
September 14 2019 Pisces Full Moon 🌕
Latest Seasonal Energy
August 20 & 21 2019 Aries & Taurus Waning Gibbous Moon 🌖
August 15 2019 Aquarius Full Moon 🌕
August 7 2019 Scorpio First Quarter Moon 🌓

Crystals can be cleansed during any current or upcoming lunar energy, listed or unlisted. Listed dates are based on shop recommendation. Leave a request with a note at checkout.

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Peridot Necklace