Shop ILLEGAL TENDR | ILLEGAL TENDR is motivated by the same grounds that provoked the rise of music culture. Bred by the flaws in society, its the love child of Hip-Hop & ’70s Psychedelic Rock–the brand dresses anyone who finds themselves seesawing between the two subcultures.

The brand is not for well-kept or polished people. It’s for people in the street who make their own creative, and sometimes disruptive imprint onto society… Instead of letting society dictate the whole story!

Based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, Illegal Tendr specializes in a small, limited series of streetwear apparel & accessories, catering to more than just the ego. The shop offers an array of products, that are created with the intent to be loved, whether or not they’re shown off to other people… They are things we’d wear at home or decorate home with…Things we’d carry in our pocket or bag… The value of each individual piece is unique to its design & intended meaning.

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The Webstore is only half of the project. The Illegal Tendr blog is a key media platform intended to grow and provide content for its subcultural community.

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